Winter Weather Kit

Everyone should carry a Winter Survival Kit in their car. In an emergency, it could save your life and the lives of your passengers. Here is what you need:

• a shovel
• windshield scraper and small broom
• flashlight with extra batteries
• battery powered radio
• water
• snack food including energy bars
• raisins and mini candy bars
• matches and small candles
• extra hats, socks and mittens
• First aid kit with pocket knife
• Necessary medications
• blankets or sleeping bag
• tow chain or rope
• road salt, sand, or cat litter for traction
• booster cables
• emergency flares and reflectors
• fluorescent distress flag and whistle to attract attention
• Cell phone adapter to plug into lighter

Kit tips:

• Reverse batteries in flashlight to avoid accidental switching and burnout.
• Store items in the passenger compartment in case the trunk is jammed or frozen shut.
• Choose small packages of food that you can eat hot or cold.

911 tips:

• If possible, call 911 on your cell phone. Provide your location, condition of everyone in the vehicle and the problem you’re experiencing.
• Follow instructions: you may be told to stay where you are until help arrives.
• Do not hang up until you know who you have spoken with and what will happen next.
• If you must leave the vehicle, write down your name, address, phone number and destination. Place the piece of paper inside the front windshield for someone to see.